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ROI of Real Estate in 2022 and beyond

ROI of Real Estate in 2022

The return on investment (ROI) of real estate is one of the most important considerations when buying a property. If I am buying it to rehab it and sell it, then here is how I do the calculations: Purchase price Rehab cost Duration and holding cost Value at the end as if that was in … Read more

How Inflation is going to affect commercial real estate in a positive way

commercial real estate

Inflation is often a cause for concern, but it can be a positive force for commercial real estate. Inflation can increase the value of properties and improve cash flow. What is Inflation? Inflation refers to an increase in the general level of prices for goods and services in an economy over a period of time, … Read more

REIT vs. Syndication: The Ultimate Guide

Differences between REIT and Real Estate Syndications

REITs and syndications are both types of real estate investments. REITs and syndications have a lot in common. What Is a REIT? REIT stands for “real estate investment trust.” REITs are companies that pool investor funds to purchase real estate assets like office buildings, apartments, and hotels. These properties are owned by the REIT and … Read more

Commercial Real Estate Investing: How to Get Started

commercial real estate

Commercial real estate investing can be a very lucrative investment strategy if you know how to find the right deals, structure and fund  the deals– and take them to their highest & best use. You can buy, fix and flip properties, or you can buy them for long-term appreciation. The money is in the follow … Read more

How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate In Your 30’s

If you’re looking for a new way to invest your money, commercial real estate may be the answer. Commercial property includes everything from office buildings and apartment complexes to warehouses and retail space. If you’re considering investing in real estate in your 30 Here are some tips for investing in commercial real estate. Know your … Read more

What is a K-1 and How is it Used for Taxes in Private Real Estate?

What is a K-1

A K-1 form is a tax form used to report the incomes, losses, and dividends of a business’s partners or an S corporation’s shareholders. K-1 forms are issued by partnerships, S corporations, estates, and trusts. The recipient of the income, loss, or dividend is responsible for reporting it on their federal tax return. Investors in … Read more

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