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In my new online training, I’ll introduce you to these concepts and equip you with strategies for implementing them.

Nobody teaches strategies for how to invest in this property type. And I’m one of the few who is qualified to do so. As you’ll see when you start my online course, this is specific, proven, real-life training. And you can enjoy it from the comfort of your living room!

It’s called my Commercial Real Estate Roundtable (CRERT) online series. CRERT is a new training format that is interactive learning at its finest. Through genuine examples and detailed strategies, you will learn my proven techniques for profiting from Gas Stations

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A Great Investment You Can Manage From A Distance

With my system, you don’t need to manage the property itself… you simply manage the asset! But first, you’ve got to take into consideration:

  • Visibility and traffic
  • Ease of access and location
  • The brand name your store will operate under

When you own a gas station building, you can contract the different services out to third parties and handle your real estate from a distance. The key is to work ON your business, not IN your business. Once you get it set up and scale it larger, you can sell it for big money!

Benefits of Owning a Gas Station Building

  • You could lease to large oil companies
  • You could lease the convenience store
  • You could add easily additional services (car wash, detailing, etc.)
  • You could capitalize on the narrow niche of this market
  • No matter the price of gas, people will always refill
  • You can have a steady growing business for years
  • Make money from the cash flow and the upside
  • You can advertise for others and make that a profit center
  • You can manage from a distance
  • You can lease and then sublease them (sandwich leasing)

I Invite You To Follow My System For Success

The best investors-whether thay succed in stocks,real estate,etc.-have a business model.They may have it written down, or it may just exist in their head. But I assure you they have a formula they’ve acquired over time.

When I first started training people in the early 2000s, I noticed my students wanted to follow my investing model…the one I’d perfected during my investing career. They didn’t just want strategies and techniques, they wanted the recipe-an exact list of my ingredients for success. So I captured my formula for commercial real estate investing with the FACTS system.

All of my trainings are structured around the FACTS system. All my students use it.

It is also so good, and so thorough, I actually patented it. When you purchase my training, you will learn the FACTS system-the proven business model that has made me millions over the last 20 years.

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