This Market Is Growing Rapidly

Most storage facilities worldwide are located in the United States. That’s because Americans have an incredible fascination with STUFF! Even though Americans are transient by nature, they still want to maintain their personal possessions.

In addition, more people are renting homes today because of the recession. The bursting of the housing bubble has made storage facilities more popular than ever!

The fact is, storage is the fastest-growing U.S. commercial real estate sector in the last 30 years. If you’ve ever wanted to invest in commercial, this is a recession-resistant opportunity with huge income potential.

  • Personal storage business has increased 65% in the last 15 years!
  • They are not expensive to build, maintain, or manage.
  • One in every 17 Americans rented one in 1995; one in every 10 rent one today.
  • Storage facilities offer many additional income opportunities for you.

If you recognize the power of owning commercial real estate, this is the perfect time to cash in with a storage facility. But first you must know what to look for and how to purchase a property.

You can do that with my brand-new online training on Storage Facilities. It covers the very latest strategies for capitalizing on this great opportunity.

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Increase Your Property Value

Never has such a simple business model offered so much potential. And if you’ve ever attended one of my workshops or seen my strategies, you know that one of my keys to making big money is adding value to your property after you buy it.

With a storage facility, I’ll show you how you can:

  • Franchise it (buy it and have someone else operate it)
  • Rent shelving, storage bins
  • Install automatic kiosks to decrease security and manpower
  • Change the use of some units to retail
  • Sell locks, boxes, moving supplies, etc.
  • Make money with cell towers, antennas, and billboard space
  • And many more profitable strategies!

The key is to buy my training NOW. Why? Because lucrative apartment deals are everywhere. These are properties that don’t need work — the owner just wants out. You can get in cheap, quickly apply my techniques, and use one of several profit strategies when you sell.

This Investment Can’t Be Beat

Investing in self storage units is one of the most profitable and easily-managed types of commercial real estate. A recent study by the National Self Storage Association showed that one in 10 households rent AT LEAST ONE self storage unit. That’s unbelievable!

If you are looking for a low-risk, recession-resistant real estate business with high cash flow, investing in self storage units is it. This investment can be managed from home, profitable on the first day, and free of tenants and building maintenance hassles. And my brand-new online training can show you how to turn America’s storage phenomenon into profits!

Top 12 Reasons to Invest in a Storage Facility

  • Recession-resistant business that’s isolated from economic cycles
  • Recurring monthly revenues
  • Can’t be phased out by technology
  • Typically have 80% to 95% occupancy rates
  • Not expensive to build or maintain
  • Can be developed in undesirable locations (next to airport, railroad, etc.)
  • 60% of occupants live within a five-mile radius
  • Most customers find your facility because of signage
  • Easy to evict non-payers
  • Simple to manage
  • Many opportunities for ancillary income
  • Offer massive income potential

I Invite You To Follow My System For Success

The best investors-whether thay succed in stocks,real estate,etc.-have a business model.They may have it written down, or it may just exist in their head. But I assure you they have a formula they’ve acquired over time.

When I first started training people in the early 2000s, I noticed my students wanted to follow my investing model…the one I’d perfected during my investing career. They didn’t just want strategies and techniques, they wanted the recipe-an exact list of my ingredients for success. So I captured my formula for commercial real estate investing with the FACTS system.

All of my trainings are structured around the FACTS system. All my students use it.

It is also so good, and so thorough, I actually patented it. When you purchase my training, you will learn the FACTS system-the proven business model that has made me millions over the last 20 years.

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