Green: The Most Attractive Color

While these choices may be more expensive initially, as a commercial investor, you will reap profits over the long-term in cost savings and efficiencies in maintenance. Plus, you’ll rent your property quicker. New or retrofitted buildings are attractive to tenants because:

  • Workers log less sick days and employers receive fewer “sick building” complaints.
  • Conservation and environmental awareness is trending up and on everyone’s mind.
  • The cost savings in utilities can be passed on to your tenants!

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Great Business Tax Incentives

There are many tax incentives if you modify your property to meet certain qualifications. Those who make modifications seeking approval or a certain status from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED may also qualify for awesome tax bonuses and incentives as well. This is especially true if you own larger buildings because you have more to offer by making environmentally-friendly modifications to them.

There is also a tax credit, commonly called the Commercial Building Tax Deduction, of up to $1.80 per square foot for commercial building owners that adhere to certain standards. To receive the credit, you must save at least half of the heating, cooling, ventilation, water heating, and interior lighting energy cost of your building.

There is also a $.60 per square foot tax credit in place if you make improvements to one of your three building systems and improve the efficiency of the building. The percentages vary, but it involves reducing total heating, cooling, ventilation, water heating and interior lighting energy.

Benefits of eco friendly real estate

  • Save the earth for ourselves and future generations
  • Save money (micro view: building lowers expenses)
  • Save the economy (macro view)
  • Get some tax credits and rebates from local government programs
  • Save our health
  • Improve the environment we live in; simplify and clean the surrounding area
  • Create a compounding effect and a movement that propels others to participate
  • Receive commercial building tax deductions for energy system improvements
  • Feel good about creating a better future for others

Now Is the Time to Incorporate the Green Strategy

With environmental awareness and government regulations at an all-time high, the commercial real estate industry readily embraces techniques and materials that are friendly to both human health and the planet. Making sure your buildings are eco-friendly is no longer an option. The good news is, you can implement strategies that will make you money when going green.

In this online training, you’ll learn how to incorporate eco-friendliness into your commercial real estate investing strategy. In it, I also include a bonus session on America’s wastefulness and how you can make positive changes!

I will discuss all the returns that are possible when you use investment strategies that are not only good business—but also good for the environment!

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When I first started training people in the early 2000s, I noticed my students wanted to follow my investing model…the one I’d perfected during my investing career. They didn’t just want strategies and techniques, they wanted the recipe-an exact list of my ingredients for success. So I captured my formula for commercial real estate investing with the FACTS system.

All of my trainings are structured around the FACTS system. All my students use it.

It is also so good, and so thorough, I actually patented it. When you purchase my training, you will learn the FACTS system-the proven business model that has made me millions over the last 20 years.

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