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Cherif’s style of educating investors is in a class by itself. All levels of investors trained by Cherif will explain his way of teaching is like no other trainer out there and at a level that no one shares publicly.
Cherif’s training models allow investors to use his Business Models & Strategies to invest on their own, with the network, or alongside him. Today, Cherif has over 1000+ success stories from people who have followed his systems and become successful in commercial real estate.

His successful methods have attracted ABC’s “Shark Tank” celebrities such as Daymond John and the billion-dollar man Kevin Harrington. But most importantly, INVESTORS like you are learning from him! You are the people he is teaching and working with every day.

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Cherif’s free step-by-step guide, “Blue Ocean Opportunities In Commercial Real Estate,” helps you determine which real estate investing strategy is right for you!

Cherif’s proven FACTS system to start investing in commercial real estate at any stage.

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The Program includes ALL YOUR LEGAL FEES to structure and set up your real estate fund with the SEC and gives you the benefits of working directly with Cherif to solidify the best STRUCTURE, feel confident with a solid pitch, learn how to manage your fund, and apply the most effective COMPLIANCE systems to keep your deals, your investors and YOU, as a Fund Manager safe!



Solve Your Capital Challenges and Make Better Deals With Cherif's Ultimate Capital Raising Masterclass on Real Estate Funds, Syndications, JVs, Partnerships & Creative Financing]. Learn Step-by-Step Guide to Structure Your RE Fund. Exclusive Bonus: Exclusive 2-Day RE Syndication, JVs, Partnerships Course, Solving Your Capital Problems Course, Backend Library Of Resources & Everything You Need To Scale Your Business.

Joint Venture Partner Program


JV Partner Program is a turnkey business model for you to start investing in commercial deals or scale your personal portfolio. Invest with Cherif in vacant standalone buildings even as the economy takes a rocky turn. That’s where we find the most profitable deals! There is zero risk to you, only the opportunity of your lifetime. Join Cherif’s JV Partner Program and cash the check to prove One Deal Can Change Your Life in 2023!



Learn the Steps to Invest in Commercial Real Estate Like a PRO. CRE DealPRO MASTERMIND is the most important training course & CONNECTION to one of the Nation’s most creative commercial real estate investors! It is a Network for the answers you need to get started or scale your business in this year. A MASTERMIND to analyze your deals, learn today’s trends and brainstorm to take your deals to the highest & best level.



CRERT is a new training format that is interactive learning at its finest. Through genuine examples and detailed strategies, you will learn my proven strategies for 12 different Commercial Real Estate Asset Types. This is not the typical, outdated theory you may have seen before… or boring, re-hashed techniques the “pretenders” repeat over and over… this is specific, proven, real-life training. And you can enjoy it from the comfort of your living room!



Acquisitions And Transactions

Under both funds: and
(As Principal, JV Partner and/or Fund Manager/Sponsor)
Successful high end multi-million dollar residential transactions in San Francisco Bay Area
Commercial mixed-use properties in the United States and Puerto Rico
Years of steady reliable cash flow paid to investors (since 2009)
$ M+
Assets under Management

Cherif’s Best-Selling Book To Help You
Master Commercial Real Estate


Fantastic book on commercial real estate

Best book on commercial real estate I’ve ever read. I feel more prepared and motivated than ever to go out into the world and close commercial real estate deals and make the world a better place for everyone, and of course, make a lot of money in the process. If you’re second-guessing this book, read it, and you’ll thank yourself you did as soon as you read the first page.

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Commercial Real Estate Mastermind Podcast

The Commercial Real Estate Mastermind Podcast

Learn from America’s #1 CRE Deal Maker

Cherif Medawar’s commercial real estate mastermind discussions turned into podcasts. Learn the most creative ways to find, analyze, structure, and finance commercial real estate deals.
Commercial Real Estate Mastermind Podcast

April 8th, 2023

Commercial Real Estate DealPRO Mastermind #9

Banking Crisis and The State Of Commercial
Real Estate

Last month, you answered a question that was brought up by a student related to the regional banking crisis that just happened 2 days earlier than the monthly call and you were not concerned specially about First Republic Bank. 

Commercial Real Estate Mastermind Podcast

December 10th, 2022

Commercial Real Estate DealPRO Mastermind #8

Commercial Real Estate Investment Outlook 2023 – US Economy Is Not Driven By Market, But By Policy

I have the property under contract!  Yeah!!!  I am responsible for finding the title company.  They want me to select one today.  With the last couple properties, I had under contract, the broker hired the title company. 

CMREI is a training and investment company.Through hard-earned experience, Cherif created his own highly successful system for Commercial Real Estate investing that can be used by anyone, the FACTS System. CMREI will show you the strategies you need to make your first CRE investment with confidence, and any future investments more profitable than the ones before it! CMREI gives you the support you need to make the smartest deals without leaving money on the table. It only takes ONE DEAL to change your life forever. Earn While you Learn with Cherif!


Private RE Fund: SFIFund is a real estate fund. The fund is officially filed with the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) under Reg D 506 C. Accredited investors may invest in shares of this fund starting at $25,000 and then fractions. This Fund invests in luxury residential projects in San Fran, STBs across the Country, retail, residential and hotels in PR.


MIGSIF is a real estate fund established in 2009, by Cherif Medawar. The fund was officially filed with the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) on August 5, 2009, and began successfully operating.


Cherifisms is a word coined by Cherif’s students and investors for his philosophies, strategies & teachings. Cherif regularly posts these daily thoughts on Twitter and his social media platforms. Check out his latest Cherifism on his Twitter feed!

sustainable real estate

Commercial RE portfolio (PR): CREPR purchases, rehabs, leases, and manages mix-use historic commercial properties in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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