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Secrets to Syndication

Secrets to Syndication

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Step 1
Understand the Terms & the Concept
Step 2
Prepare Your Pitch & Develop Your Marketing
Step 3

Learn from the Network & Practice
Cherif's Power Pitch: Investment Club Presentation - 60-Second Pitch
Cherif's Student-Investors present their Power Pitches
Cherif's Inner Circle Retreat: Presenter 1 – Savannah’s Pitch

Step 4

Raise Unlimited Capital and Unlock the Syndicator in You!

Course Curriculum

Real Estate Syndication- DCBA

  • Definitions Part 1
  • Definitions Part 2
  • Concepts, Business Model & Application for Success

Raising Capital, Finding the Deals & Managing a Fund

  • Getting Set-up & Cherif’s Fund as a Case Study *Regd506b/Regd506c)
  • Understanding a RegA+
  • Recap the DCBA for Syndication & Understanding the 5 “P”s
  • Action for a Successful Syndication (How to make the money)

Sample PPM and Checklists

  • Form 1012 Compliance Agreement
  • Form 1117 Open Listing Agreement
  • Form 1118 Right of Sale Agreement
  • Form 1119 Exclusive Agency Agreement
  • Form 1201 Collection Demand Letter 1
  • Form 1202 Collection Demand Letter 2
  • Form 1203 Default Letter
  • Form 1204 Collection Agreement
  • Form 2001 Promissory Note
  • Form 2002 Promissory Note to Right of Set
  • Form 2003 Promissory Note Single payment
  • Form 2006 Loan Participation Sale & Trust
  • Form 2011 Acknowledgement of closing costs
  • Form 2101 Mortgage Worksheet
  • Form 2106 Assignment of Mortgage Purchase
  • Form 2113 Satisfaction of Mortgage
  • Form 3305 Bill of Sale/Incorporating Business
  • Form 4001 Living Will Liberal
  • Purchase/Sale of Real Estate
  • Form 6004 Home Equity Purchase Contract
  • Form 6008 Sale of Leasehold
  • Form 6012 Lease & Option to Purchase
  • Form 6103 RE Closing Agreement
  • Form 6104 RE Closing Statement Buyer
  • Letter of Intent to Lease
  • Automated Webinar Emails
  • Cherif’s Lease Agreement
  • Cherif’s 100+ Checklist
  • Buying an Existing Business
  • Raise Capital
  • SFIFUND PPM Sample

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Syndication Secrets

You can now access Cherif Medawar’s anticipated Syndication Secrets

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