The Office Sector Is Leading the Way

I’ll show you how to profit from office buildings with my new Commercial Real Estate Roundtable (CRERT) online training series. This is not the typical, outdated theory you may have seen before… or boring, re-hashed techniques the “pretenders” repeat over and over… this is specific, proven, real-life training.

And you can enjoy it from the comfort of your living room!

CRERT is a new training format that is interactive learning at its finest. Through genuine examples and detailed strategies, you will learn my proven strategies for making a fortune with Office Buildings.

Office buildings are not the only commercial real estate type you can use to change your life. There are 11 more! If you’d like to learn my proven techniques for ALL 12 TYPES of commercial real estate, you can purchase my entire CRERT library for just $29.99 a month!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Office space is defined as real estate where commercial (or government) business is conducted. The premises may be used up to 24 hours a day, but people do not sleep at the property.
  • As part of this training, I will cover financing requirements, changing the zoning, setting up a mixed-use property, and promoting tenant stability. But most importantly, I’ll show you techniques to take your property to its highest and best use. This maximizes the value of your investment, immediately earning you a huge chunk of equity.

A Few Of Those Techniques Include Adding:

  • Executive suites: corporate living area, meeting room/office
  • Office suites: rented for meetings and conferences
  • Day care center, gym
  • Solar on the roof
  • Green building components
  • Vending machines (class C), deli (class B), restaurant (class A)
  • Billboard/ads
  • Paid/valet parking
  • Record retention service
  • Computer backup and WIFI
  • And many more

Now is the time to find favorable deals on office buildings and lease them for positive cash flow. Several industries are expanding and need desirable, well-managed office space. According to CoStar Group, financial services, insurance, and real estate companies account for roughly 22% of all U.S. office space occupancies, the largest segment in the entire office sector. Service companies (including technology) take the second spot at 14%.

Do you have financial services, insurance, real estate, and technology companies where you live? Of course you do!
And that’s not all. Poorly-managed properties are easy to find. I’ll show you how to get these buildings inexpensively and quickly turn around their performance—thus increasing their value. When you combine these dynamics with the office sector rebound, you have a formula for explosive profit potential!

Why Office Buildings?

  • Risk is spread out amongst many Tenants
  • You can get very strong companies if you secure the right location
  • All your expenses can be passed through to the tenants (like a shopping mall)
  • You can convert a C property to a B property with simple changes
  • Could easily convert to another use (medical building) based on location
  • The property income helps you qualify for financing
  • Could easily add additional income such as antennas, signage, parking, etc.
  • You can use condos, co-ops, and other creative executive offices concepts
  • Easier to manage than apartment buildings with the potential benefits of NNN
  • You can easily manage the asset from a distance

I Invite You To Follow My System For Success

The best investors-whether thay succed in stocks,real estate,etc.-have a business model.They may have it written down, or it may just exist in their head. But I assure you they have a formula they’ve acquired over time.

When I first started training people in the early 2000s, I noticed my students wanted to follow my investing model…the one I’d perfected during my investing career. They didn’t just want strategies and techniques, they wanted the recipe-an exact list of my ingredients for success. So I captured my formula for commercial real estate investing with the FACTS system.

All of my trainings are structured around the FACTS system. All my students use it.

It is also so good, and so thorough, I actually patented it. When you purchase my training, you will learn the FACTS system-the proven business model that has made me millions over the last 20 years.

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