Parking Garages

Welcome to the world of parking garages, a profitable niche of commercial real estate. I’ll show you how to structure your deal, finance it, and manage it from afar! Consider that:

  • There are 240 million cars registered in the United States. Paid parking is a huge business.
  • Buying and selling parking spaces is relatively simple and hassle-free.
  • Maintaining parking garages is easy.
  • Operating parking garages can be done through third-party companies.
  • The added revenue potential is almost unlimited—from exterior signage to interior revenue centers like vending and car detailing.
  • Eviction is easy; delinquent leasers are simply not permitted access.
  • Paid parking is a great way to use land and produce cash flow until it is time to develop (like in a downtown location).
  • Many cities are eliminating the minimum required number of parking spaces for condominium developments to promote mass transit—which boosts parking leases and sales.

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Manage From A Distance

A parking garage is the ultimate commercial property for an absentee owner. You simply choose a management company, and they operate everything and handle all the day-to-day hassles for you. Many parking garage owners just use remote surveillance over the Web if they want to check in on their investment from afar.

Increase The Value

There are dozens of ways to increase the value of your parking garage investment. I will cover them in my new training. Here are some examples of how you can take your asset to its highest and best use:

  • Secure corporate parking accounts
  • Combine monthly parking with daily/weekly
  • Detailing vehicles/Oil changes
  • Automated parking
  • Deli/convenience store
  • Vending machines
  • Car condos: sale or lease
  • Advertising signage
  • Bicycle rental
  • Electric car accommodations

You’ll learn about these with my online training on Parking Garages. It covers the latest strategies for capitalizing on this great opportunity.

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Parking Garages

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