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What Are Real Estate Funds And How They Work?

real estate funds

Investing in real estate is a lucrative strategy that attracts many entrepreneurs, which is why there are so many different types of real estate business models. People chose to find the deals and do the work themselves OR they choose to passively invest in REITS, hedge funds and real estate funds and syndications.  Today we … Read more

Raising Capital For Real Estate In 6 Steps

Raising Capital for Real Estate

For investors in the real estate industry, raising investment capital is one of the first challenges that you will face. You need to be able to raise sufficient funds to cover the down payment on your real estate property, closing costs and brokerage fees and construction.  Because you may be relying on other individuals and … Read more

How to Setup Your Own Real Estate Fund: Key Strategies and Structures

In its simplest form, a real estate fund is a structure established to raise equity for real estate projects. It can be set up as a debt or equity investment vehicle with multiple investors who jointly contribute capital to the fund in exchange for limited liability company (LLC) interests or as a limited partnership (LP) … Read more

What is the criteria of an “Ideal Business”?

parking lot investments

Most of my readers know that I prefer real estate investing over owning any business. But I am involved in many businesses such as my real estate syndication, the education company, the tax reduction company, the real estate management company and soon we will be launching a full fledged crowd funding website and portal. In … Read more

Crucial Factors and Calculations to Consider for Best Results in Real Estate Investing

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If you are investing in real estate you must understand the relationship between price and value. I want to share with you what calculations I do to figure out that difference and how I apply the strategy: My buy and sell strategies My buy and hold structures The business models I offer my investors Under … Read more

How to Make 40%+ Per Year in Real Estate Safely and with Little Effort?

real estate

Right here, right now I have a business model that produces hands-off, hassle free, secured return of approximately 40% per year for my students/investors. Let me tell you more: If you are a novice or an experienced investor, you are better off buying a few properties in cash that are already rehabbed and rented bringing … Read more

What Would a Balanced Real Estate Portfolio Look like?

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As a real estate hedge fund manager for a decade now, I use an approach I developed years ago involving 5 parts to a balanced real estate portfolio: safety, solvency, liquidity, reserves and leadership. Safety Different asset types such as some multiple units and some single units Different locations such as different cities or states … Read more

The Perfect City for a Real Estate Investor

Perfect City for a Real Estate Investor

Have you ever been to a place where you thought to yourself, “Wow this is a cool place! I like it here.” If so, have you asked yourself, why you had this impression? What was it that you liked so much about that particular city or town? Well, as a real estate investor and hedge … Read more

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