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Blue Ocean Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Kindle Edition

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Blue Ocean Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate investing books, Cherif Medawar leaves no doubt that commercial real estate is the most profitable investment on the planet. Through incredible real-life stories and strategies, he shows how anyone can accumulate a lifetime of increasing, guaranteed, additional monthly income using his techniques.

Roadmap To Financial Wealth

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Do you need step-by-step instructions taught by a pro? If so, Blue Ocean Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate should be your next read. They are presented in an easy-to-follow layout. The book jumps right into talking about different types of Opportunities in commercial real estate.

To eliminate the mystique and uncertainty of commercial real estate, Medawar patented his FACTS investing system and revealed it for the first time in this book.

The FACTS System Is:

In blue ocean opportunities in commercial real estate, medawar pulls you aside — much the way that billionaire did for him — and reveals a unique, detailed system for investing in commercial real estate. By following his path, the proven techniques in this book can become the education of a lifetime.

What People are Saying..!!

” Good information if you want to invest in commercial buildings, but I could not get hold of a hard copy of Blue Ocean which is a major disappointment as I don’t like reading books on Kindle. I suppose this may be due to the fact I am based in the UK. “


Informative Read If Investing In Commercial Real Estate

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” Inspiring for me. I am a new commercial real estate broker. I would recommend this book to any potential investors. ”

I Would Recommend This Book To Any Potential Investors

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” In a world filled with “me-too” real estate books, this book really cuts through the noise and chatter. If you limit yourself to single-family and multi-family residential, you are missing the most lucrative opportunity available. In short, you will remain in competition with just about every average investor that is willing to speculate on dumb deals that just don’t make sense. As soon as you move away to commercial, you find deals that are creative, lucrative, and positioned for long-term success. Ask yourself one question, did the real estate investors that made big money do so by buying one house at a time, or did they go after the bigger deals? Check out what Cherif Medawar has to say, his book is breathtaking, and I will admit I only bought it after Amazon repeatedly suggested it to me – I guess they knew before me that I should read it. “


Magnificent Introduction To Commercial Real Estate


” Extremely well written for a business book. It not only gives you valuable knowledge in a useful form, but it tells you a story of how investment in commercial property can literally change your life and your family’s options and choices in everything from where and how you live, to education, to healthcare and the opportunity to contribute to society. This is written by a man who has done what he writes about and is still doing it, growing his holdings every day, and is willing to share his workable strategy with the reader. Thanks, Cherif. “


I Would Recommend This Book To Any Potential Investors

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