Cherif Medawar

Commercial Real Estate DealPRO Mastermind #2

April 9, 2022

How To Negotiate A Storage Facility Deal

*Discussion Topics And Questions:

1:19 pm EST, he is referencing a deal he has pending and the NEGOTIATIONS of the deal with 3 owners who are involved… He talks about negotiating a storage facility deal. He highlights and explains TICs

1:22 pm EST, he talks about  the strategy of “Drop & Swap.”

CHERIFISM: Effort, money, time

1:22 pm EST Theory, education, and single-minded

1:24 pm EST the importance of understanding the word and definition of

* Discombobulated

1:25 pm EST Matt Maggio asks about Traffic count importance and location…. IRREPLACABLE LOCATIONS

Tim’s Question: (1:27 pm EST to 1:33 pm EST) Formula on how to manage RE Projects from a distance

Time is your friend or your enemy


1:33 pm EST Cherif covers the 3 most important questions in life

He talks about leading: Agreement & Vision

1:34 pm EST As a leader, your job is to clarify-assign-motivate-enforce

1:35 pm EST The end goal of a meeting…

1:35 pm est Tim’s Question on highspeed realtors

1:40 pm EST Execute ion Stages

1:41 pm EST Tim’s Question about screening tenants

1:44 pm est Focus on an area! Most people see price…


1:45 pm est Want to know what the biggest problem is??? (He discusses the spike in home prices)

1:51 pm Tals about why he likes NNN

1:51 pm EST Katie’s Questions

Crowdfunding vs. Cherif’s Funds

1:53 pm EST “I could have had a baby….” J



“2023 will be an interesting year.”

The key question is, what am ai going to do in the next 12 months….

Critical Mass

2:05 pm EST Do you know what depreciation is?

(Bill Odell Q)

2:11 pm EST Tenants and locations

2:11 pm est Transactional Funding

2:15 pm EST What is the purpose of the Estoppel letter

2:16 pm EST Learn where the mistakes are….


2:19 pm EST Don’t be uncomfortable about talking about money $$$

He helps Billy with a deal he’s putting together.

He goes through the Steps: people, property, price

Most importantly, how will you exit and end the relationship???

2:25 pm EST In business and life, you need 3 things

2:26 pm est How much cash reserves do you always have (Alex Question)


2:35 pm est Cherif goes into the most LUCRATIVE CRE Investments for the next QT.

2:36 pm EST Here’s a formula- look at the best practices of the competition….

* Victor S., CA

  1. My property manager does NOT recommend escalations on a lease contract of 2-3 years.  She says, “What is the incentive for the tenant to sign a longer-term lease if the rent increases yearly?”.  Cherif, you always talk about including escalations in the lease.  What is a good argument for convincing her to include rent escalations in 2-3 year lease agreements?  I’m only suggesting 3% per year.

FYI, I purchased a 10-unit strip mall in 2021 that currently has 3 vacancies.  So the opportunity for 3 new lease agreements is on the table.

  1. I also own 2 single-family home rentals.  Would your answer to #1 above be the same for these single-family home rental agreements?  Should I include escalations in them as well?

*Matt M., South FL (New JV and CRE DealPRO)

I hope all is well with you. I have a question regarding cash flow. Once the deal is closed and assigned to the fund, how are the cash flow distributions split? I know we get a percentage, either 10% or 25%, of the increased value but wasn’t sure about the monthly cash flow. Maybe he covers it in a video that I haven’t seen yet. Can I just have him briefly explain?

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