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Nine years ago, Cherif Medawar developed the Ultimate Lawsuit Avoidance, Asset Protection, and Asset Preservation Package for his students and investors.

Have you ever been in a lawsuit? Have you ever heard of people who got wiped out because they got sued? Do you have assets you worked hard to acquire and would like to keep?

Within 72 hours, our Asset Protection Structure can give you a lifetime of peace of mind from any lawsuit whether big or small that can disturb your life and wreak havoc over your business affairs.

Now hundreds of people have set up this inexpensive, simple structure. Let our team do all the work!

KMAGB Ultimate Asset Protection Structure


The idea was not to talk to attorneys who set up special asset protections but to go to those who have litigated against them and unraveled these pre-packaged structures that seldom deliver what they sell as “personalized” structures.

Anonymous C Corporation entities do not work well because most judges demand the identity of the shareholders within 48 hours or they repossess the assets of these corporations.

Land Trusts or other trusts do not work well because the judges more often than not demand the trust documents that reveal who the Grantor and Beneficiaries are so they can unravel the structure. Moreover, if the trust is irrevocable, you are at the mercy of a third party administrator, usually an attorney, who will cost you more and will be in charge of your money.

Separate LLCs for separate assets do not mean much because you still have the equity in each LLC exposed and at risk, plus you have to maintain several entities at a greater cost and expense.

Offshore structures do not work well because judges can easily demand to repatriate assets or they throw the proverbial book at the defendant who could be convicted of contempt of court.

Friendly liens and credit lines that strip equity of assets must have legal reasons and economic substance for the courts or they run the risk of being dismantled. Plus a lien through a bank or other lender does not strip more than 70 or 80% of the equity you have in any of your assets.

Insurance coverage is vital but it cannot solve all your problems due to exclusions, coverage limitations per claim, and number of claims that could be filed against each policy. Moreover insurance coverage cannot help you much in legal cases where the plaintiff’s attorney sues for punitive damages (to teach the defendant a lesson in the millions of dollars).

Through the brainstorming efforts of the top attorneys and some retired judges, we were able to formulate and finalize the ULTIMATE ASSET PROTECTION STRUCTURE that addresses all the points above and has precedent in US Federal and local courts.


  • If you feel you are out of the line of fire, then answer this…. Do you drive? Or do you invite friends, family members, business associates, or other people to your home to celebrate special occasions, or hold business gatherings or social events?
  • Risk is everywhere, yet statistically only 38% of people structure their affairs properly in addition to having the insurance coverage they should have.
  • Asset Protection is a subject matter no one really likes to talk about. If an attorney mentions it, people think he or she is selling doom and gloom. If an investor complains about it, people react negatively to him or her. If a business owner expresses concerns, people respond with the standard, ”Increase your insurance coverage.”
  • Sadly, however, do you realize that 2 out of 3 businesses get sued— and real estate investors are at an even higher rate? Do you know that throughout your lifetime, the likelihood of you getting sued is 80%?
  • 2023-2024, will be a painful season for many. Do not leave your assets at risk. Desperate people do desperate things. Business fail. And accidents happen. PROTECT YOURSELF & YOUR FAMILY in 2023.


Set-up includes:

  • Form the LLC, prepare and file the Articles of Organization
  • Create a specialized Operating Agreement (60+ pages)
  • Prepare Ownership Certificates as evidence of corporate existence
  • Give you form with instructions to apply for a Federal Tax ID Number to open a bank account
  • Complete Promissory Note with the Equity Stripping Document (9+ pages)
  • One-year support by phone
  • Email a Customized Corporate Minute Book along with all documents in PDF format
  • Send the LLC Operations Manual (40+pages)
  • Provide Resident Agent Service for first year as required by State Law (NV or WY)
  • File List of NV Manager and Members- (No filing of WY Manager or Members -WY is Private)
  • HOLIDAY BONUS: (2) Complete Trust/Mortgage Deed Lien (To be signed by you, notarized, and recorded at county secured by Asset)
  • HOLIDAY BONUS: 8-page Living Trust
  • 12-month Email Support on your personalized structure


KMAGB Ultimate Asset Protection Structure

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