Cherif Medawar

Commercial Real Estate DealPRO Mastermind #5

August 13, 2022

How To Diversify Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio In This Economy - Creative Strategies

* Discussion Topics And Questions:

* Sara M., NC

  1. How would you suggest an investor diversify their portfolio for this economy? I have 2 rentals and one small piece of property, but I do not know if I should sell and get into something new. What are your thoughts?
  2. How can I increase my credit score?

* Leza B., CA

  1. I would like to know some dos and don’ts for purchasing commercial deals.
  2. Do you think banks will loan on commercial deals right now?

* Alan C., CO

  1. Has Cherif or anyone used the First Right of Refusal Contract to hold a property instead of a full Buy/Sell Purchase Agreement while Smiling and Dialing hunting for a National tenant?
  2. Zero to very little Earnest Money
  3. No proof of funds required
  4. We are more up-front with Brokers and Sellers
  5. Less commitment, less risk
  6. Much easier to obtain
  1. I was thinking of running an ad in Franchise Magazine. (Assuming the ad is effective, it increases my funnel dramatically) Thoughts? Any downsides that I’m not aware of?

* Matt G., FL

Can you give us general information on a few CREATIVE strategies to BUY residential deals in this market? No money-down ideas to get us started.

* Oshin B., CA

I am part of the JV and have been looking for properties in CA. Unfortunately, I have not come across any newer buildings. Everything is very old. Some of them have been remodeled or retrofitted as far back as 20 years. Will This work?

What about a building that is attached to another building but has its own individual deed? 

I found a location in a downtown area, and it was originally built 120 years ago and titled as a historical building. However, the interior is built with a nice red brick, and the flooring is hardwood; located next to a lot that is covered with grass (what looks like a pet park) and across to the property, a 140-space parking lot is being built will finish by the end of this year. This building is one block away from the city hall and transit station. A couple of national tenants are located 1-1.7 miles away. However, there are local food businesses, ice cream, and coffee shops on this street within the next 2 blocks.  1)  I would like to know your opinion about this type of property located in these locations.  2)  Can we bring a national tenant that is not a QSR so doesn’t require a grease trap and kitchen (i.e., Dunkin Donut, Coffee Bean, and such tenants)?

In case of sale/leaseback, since we are becoming the building owner, do we have the power of setting the lease terms, or the listing broker will have the leasing terms as part of the sale price/package?

* Jeff K., CA

(NEW to CRE DealPRO but is a Broker and can’t be here on the call)

I broker land and want to start a Fund for Renewable Energy in CA, AZ, TX, and OR. Do you suggest a debt fund?

* Bill B., NM

  1. When managing apartments with 50+ units, what advice can you give on managing the Property Managers OR managing the property myself?
  1. Do you think you will bring back GBA for tax incentives in the future?

* Chad T., NY

  1. What are the pros/cons of Family Trusts, LLCs, and your structure for stripping equity?
  2. How can I protect my cash and trading account if I have the structure with you? Is that a UCC1?
  3. Did your kids start school? Are they happy to be back in the books? How do you manage all your deals and family life?

* Tamara C., FL 

I see that you usually only invest in the US- why not international? Do you feel the legal side is too difficult to manage? Why are you so set on this?

* Jordan., IL

What are the biggest challenges you run into as a commercial real estate portfolio holder? Is it with the tenants, the buildings, or the people involved?

How can I explain to a broker that the “refundable” EM is a win for all? The past few deals have been nonrefundable EM, and it’s killing me.


Please expand on your thoughts.

The great Multiplier. How does this work, and how can you keep focused on it with many business models? 

The importance of “howling.”

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