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The CRE Trends:

One of the key factors driving CRE trends since the inception of the pandemic is the uncertainty surrounding which type of businesses will be able to withstand Covid-19 and how this ability drives the values of those assets. Businesses in strip malls, like coffee shops and hair salons previously immune from fluctuations in the economy are now at the peril of intermittent shutdowns. But businesses like quick service restaurants are thriving. – CM


The Right Foundation and Education

Cherif has been able to pivot quick & nimbly over the past 12 months, and he will train you to think the same. The first step is the foundation and education. In the course we will start with the definition, concept, and business model and then we apply the strategy. And then we will practice GROUP THINKING with e Cherif leading the conversation to discuss capital reallocation and make sure your questions are answered so you are focusing on the right deals in 2021. Brainstorming and learning at the highest level the 2nd Saturday of EVERY MONTH! Learn, network and stay accountable.


Behavior of CRE market

As we’ve seen in past down cycles, there is a massive reallocation of capital for investment to commercial sectors deemed safer with cash flows that are perceived to be more durable. Look for pricing to tighten and competition to increase in multifamily, industrial, self-storage and medical sectors while loosening in retail, office and hospitality. – CM

Who Is Cherif Medawar?

Cherif Medawar Real Estate Investing is a training and investment company lead by a real estate fund manager who has developed a simple strategy that can be implemented on any type of asset investment. He applies his strategy when investing in all asset types. He’s earned millions of dollars investing in single-tenant retail and now he’s focusing on small boutique apartments, hotels, and ALFs.

Cherif Medawar has been teaching investors, just like you, for over 25 years. He wants to help you attain financial freedom in only 3-5 years. You must start now and learn the foundation of investing in CRE like a PRO.

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