How to Make 40%+ Per Year in Real Estate Safely and with Little Effort?

How to Make 40%+ Per Year in Real Estate Safely and with Little Effort?

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Right here, right now I have a business model that produces hands-off, hassle free, secured return of approximately 40% per year for my students/investors.

Let me tell you more:

If you are a novice or an experienced investor, you are better off buying a few properties in cash that are already rehabbed and rented bringing in 9% net profit per year. That is a 9% cap rate per year on the cash you invested. (This will save you the time, money and effort to hunt down deals, rehab them and rent them or re-sell them. Immediately you will start making money 9% per year on your cash invested. There’s nothing of greater vale for an investor than to start earning cash flow immediately after you close on the purchase of the rented properties that have a reliable management company in place. Earn from Day 1.)

Next, immediately thereafter, place these rented properties online For Sale at 8% cap rate, which makes the selling price higher and ensures a nice back to back upside profit for you. (The reason another investor would pay more and receive a lower net return, a cap rate of 8% per year on each property, is because you will allow them to buy one property at a time, through financing, whereby they get referred to a local bank that offers 80% financing at an interest rate of less than 5% fixed for 30 years.  This makes them able to hold on to the property for long term, and all they have to invest is 20% of the purchase price as down payment. Their cash on cash return becomes approximately 14% power year for the next 30 years). This is Virtual Flipping.

When you buy the property, you get the cash flow of 9% per year— and whenever it sells you get an upside profit of an additional amount within a few weeks to a few months. The upside annualized gain is approximately 40%+ which makes your yearly return over 30% per year. This gives you the power to buy other income producing properties immediately back to back to reinvest your money. (You don’t even need to market to find sellers, or negotiate with anyone. You don’t even have to deal with contractors to rehab the property, and deal with delays and frustrations. You simply buy income producing properties 5 at a time in cash producing 9% cash per year. Let my company, the real estate hedge fund that I manage, keeps them posted online and we resell them for you at a profit so you can come in and buy again.)

Let me show you the numbers:

  • You invest in cash say $100,000 on a property netting $9,000 online through my real estate hedge fund’s website (That is 9% cap – $9,000 divided by .09 = $100,000) These are sold in packages of 5 properties.
  • My real estate fund keeps it posted for sale on the website and we promote the properties for sale individually to investors who pay slightly more because they wish to finance the properties one at a time.
  • A few weeks or months later, we contact you with a buyer who would be paying $112,500 for that same property producing the same income of $9,000 a year – The returns are 8% annualized which is $9,000 divided by .08 – $112,500. (Remember that this new investor buying the property will finance it and we refer them to the local banks in Ohio that like our business model and offer a 5% or less interest rate fixed for 30 years. This makes the return for the new long term hold investor over 14% cash on cash after they place only 20% down)
  • You get $12,500 gross profit, minus the closing costs in and out and minus a 1% posting fee and 1% commission fee. Your net profit would be between $8,500 to $9,000 within less than 4 months – you can easily make over 40% per year on your investment doing these transactions online hassle free and secured since all purchases and sales are handled by the title companies.

To recap, all you need to do is go to,,  and click to buy no more than 5 properties in cash. The title company will contact you and finalize all through phone and email. We keep your property posted online and you keep getting the monthly rent deposits made by the management company until we contact you to sign a resale order. You resale for more money and sign on the dotted line again through the title company to cash out all your money and upside profits. Virtual Flipping.

In our experience, it has never taken them more than 4 months to resell any property through financing. Everyone wins in this business model:

  • You, the short-term investor, who seek cash flow right away from the rental income at 9% while holding the property and an upside profit when you flip it of another 30%+ for a total of 40%+ (All with lower risk, less time, no effort and no hassles).
  • You, as a long-term investor, who seeks cash flow forever and invests only 20% cash down payment, then finances the property at a low fixed rate for 30 years to get a cash on cash return of 14% plus per year.
  • My Real Estate Hedge Fund that seeks to buy, rehab, and rent properties to deploy the massive amount of capital that we need to invest and put to work— safely, ethically and profitably into a cash machine. This machine gives us cash flow when we hold the properties and some profits when we resell them in packages to short term and/or long term investors.

All the numbers are posted on the real estate hedge fund website – All properties are at or around $100k each. They are all located in Ohio, which is a solid and steady rental market. This makes the strategy of a long-term hold a defensive and profitable one because developers do not build lower end houses because can’t make enough profit margins. The numbers make sense today and will continue making sense well into the future.

I believe if a novice or a seasoned investor take time to calculate the returns on this Virtual Flipping business model, either as a buy and sell (flip) or buy and hold (long term), they will see that right here, right now we offer the safest, most profitable business model in real estate.

We do not know how long this will last, but our investors are getting the best rates of returns on their time, money, effort and risk. We invite you to verify for yourself that you can make 40% per year, hands off and hassle free.

Wishing you the best

Cherif Medawar

CEO SFIFund Direct


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