My business models, if implemented, will improve your financial life infinitely. I always said that ‘one deal can change your life

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Who This Will Work For?

Cherif’s ULTIMATE training models allow investors to use his techniques and invest on their own, with the network directly or along with him.


Cherif’s COMMERCIAL RE Investing Quick Start Kit

  • CRE FACTS System for Success: A-Z Steps for Investing in CRE
  • What Every Investor Needs to Know About Controlling Apartments & Multi-units: Manage the Asset Not the Drama
  • The Power of Mixed-use Office Buildings: From Concept to Investment Reality NNN Opportunity with No Risk for Any Level Investor: Earn Passive Income in NNN Single Tenant Commercial
  • The CRE Network and Profit Guide: Transform Your Investment Strategy for 2021 with Cherif Medawar
  • Checklists and Reports
    • CRE 100 Checklist
    • Special Report: The Power of Investing in Apartments
    • A Checklist for Buying and Selling Apartments

Secrets to Raise Unlimited Capital for your CRE Deals Training Course

Syndication Real Estate Funds
DCBA Crowdfunding
Syndicator’s Responsibilities Partnerships
Compliance Joint Ventures
Ethics Soliciting Investors
Creative Deal Making Business Plan- The 5 P’s & The Pitch

Deal Analysis and QA
with Cherif Medawar

(6-month membership)

  • For the FIRST TIME EVER – Cherif is committing to LIVE Monthly ZOOM CALLS with the CRE DealPRO investors. He is committing the 2nd Saturday of each month to stay on the call as long as it takes to analyze your deals, answer your investing & financial questions and brainstorm with the group.
  • On the 2nd Saturday of each month, a small private investor group will receive a private Zoom link to participate in a LIVE CALL with Cherif. He will stay on the call as long as it takes to answer all of your questions and train you on the most profitable strategies. Un-heard of.
  • Cherif has never been a big “mentor” fan, period; however, he is very big on Deal Analysis! He’ll take questions from you on deals you are in the middle of and on the negotiations you are working through. He believes in training on REAL DEALS that he is working on or his student-investors are working on. Real Case Studies & Scenarios, not some pie in the sky dream deal.

Commercial RE & Deal Making Virtual Training Course (20-Hours of Training)

(6-month membership)

  • Learn the DCBA Formula for Investing
  • Learn the FACTS System
  • Properties and Tenants, Numbers and Market Trends, Negotiation and Contracts
  • Due diligence and Financing
  • Management and Increasing the NOI
  • Business Plan, Syndication, JVs & Partnerships (How the SEC works)
  • Consumer Debt vs. Business Debt
  • Foundational CRE Concepts, CRE Asset Types – Apartments & Multi-units, Small, Boutique Apartments, Condo Conversions, Single Tenant Retail, ALFs & Senior Living, Storage Facilities, Mobile Home Parks, Land Development
  • Portfolio Income, Repositioning, NOI/ROI/COCR
  • Property Management, Seller Financing, Managing the Risk
  • Calculating CAP Rates, Negotiating with Sellers & Brokers
  • Asset Protection
  • Finding/Structuring a deal, Develop a Plan for Deal Flow
  • 1031 Exchange

Resources, Checklists & Legal Documents (Samples)

Case Studies Checklist: Buying an Existing Business
Checklist: How to Raise Capital Checklist: How to Flip Real Estate
Closing Agreement Compliance Agreement
Demand Letter Promissory Note
Living Will Lease & Option
LOI Marketing Emails

Why Learn From Cherif?

Cherif’s Knowledge & Experience

Cherif’s Knowledge & Experience

Cherif has been consulting and sharing his wealth secrets with real estate investors and professionals since 1999. He has authored several best-selling real estate books and taught thousands of people his unique systems of investing in commercial and residential property and how to raise capital and syndicate deals.
1000+ Success Stories On Youtube

1000+ Success Stories On Youtube

Cherif prides himself on educating all levels of investors. Cherif’s training model allows investors to use his own Business Models to invest on their own, with the network directly or along with him. Today, Cherif has over 1000+ success stories from the people who has followed his system and became successful


Cherif’s proven model decreases the risk of investing by education and “systems”. His wealth building insights continues to produce high returns and cash flow in real estate.


Cherif is among the most accessible millionaires in the country; Cherif Medawar has for 26 years educated and advised attorneys, retired judges, small business owners, and professionals seeking real estate investments.

His successful methods have attracted ABC’s “Shark Tank” celebrities such as Daymond John and the billion-dollar man, Kevin Harrington.

Listen to some of these Success Stories

The JV Partnership or the Asset Protection, Everything is the WIN WIN and goanna be a life changer for me and my family.

Something that I thought would be difficult to learn has been easy. He's made everything look so simple!

The amount of information especially relating to Commercial real estate is phenomenal, definitely the best out there!

Genuine, Authentic and Real...!! This is the impression I got the moment I met Cherif.

I first heard Cherif on eFreedom radio while he was analyzing the commercial retail properties; i was so amazed that i told myself that "i need to meet this guy"

I have been in Real Estate for many years and Cherif is one of the best i have ever met.. You're better when you meet him.

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