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Commercial Real Estate Round Table

Change Your Financial Life! If there is one person who can teach you how to prosper with Commercial Real Estate, it’s Cherif Medawar.
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Apartments Storage
Hospitality Land Development
Eco-Friendly Retail
Office & Medical Senior Facilities
Mobile Homes Warehouse
Parking Garages Gas Stations

The Commercial Real Estate Roundtable (CRERT) forms the foundation upon which commercial real estate wealth is created. It is a new training format that is interactive learning at its finest. Through genuine examples and detailed strategies, Cherif will show you his proven strategies for all 12 types of property.


CMREI Real Estate Round Table Event San Jose, CA: Lori P. Success Story

You Will Not Find a Better Teacher on Investing than Cherif Medawar: Victor F. Testimony

CMREI Real Estate Round Table Event in San Jose, CA: Timi A. Success Story

Joint Venture Program

Welcome to Cherif’s JV Partner Program


Cherif’s Personal Consultation Program is focused on YOU and how we can guide you to take advantage of the great opportunities in any type of investing using his knowledge. As a part of this test group of investors participating in this series you will get to learn, one-on-one, with Cherif. He’ll focus on his group financing techniques and strategies to spot the true gems no one else sees- this is certain to dramatically change your investing capabilities. Follow his lead and we will all be investing together for the years to come.


Joint Venture Puerto Rico Wealth Retreat - James DietrichTestimony

Joint Venture Puerto Rico Wealth Retreat - Kecia Allen Testimony

Joint Venture Puerto Rico Wealth Retreat - Stephen Eaton Testimony

Residential Real Estate Round Table

THE Most Powerful & Effective Business Structures for Investors

One Course Can Change Everything, the Real Estate Round Table Experience!

Find the Best Deals Analyzing the Deals
Strategize & Finance No Money Down
SEO & Discount Notes Actions to Success

Cherif’s home study program is focused on YOU and how we can guide you to take advantage of the great opportunities in your local market even if you have bad credit and little money to start.

Your dreams are our business.Invest Now

Syndication Secrets

UNLOCK these powerful tools:

Video #1: Syndication Secrets Cherif’s Power Pitch: Investment Club Presentation – 60 Second Pitch Video present their Power Pitches Cherif’s Inner Circle Retreat: A Co-Sponsor’s PITCH

The Script: Pitch for Syndicators The Script: Person to Person Solicitation

Cherif’s Sample Postcard for Syndicators

You can now access Cherif Medawar’s anticipated Syndication Secrets

The value of an individual is measured by his/her willingness and ability to inspire and empower other reasonable people to improve their present condition in life.

Sometimes a simple strategy like changing and upgrading a tenant can make the big gest difference in the world in terms of the income and the value of a commercial property.

You are only limited by your knowledge, your creativity and your ability to communicate.

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