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Develop the skills to take advantage of the 2021 Commercial Real Estate market.


  • Not sure where to start. Do you think tapping into the knowledge you need is too expensive?
  • Wondering if this is the right path for you?
  • CRE DealPRO is the most important training course of 2021! It is the Network for the answers you need to get started or scale your business in the New Year.
  • Get started in commercial deals, as we anticipate the Post Pandemic Market.

Whether you’re a new investor, an agent transitioning into commercial real estate or just looking to build on and sharpen your skills we can help.



“F” is for finding the right property that fits your needs with the right market mix in a specific location.


“A” is for analyzing the internal numbers of a property as well as the external numbers that are key indicators of the key metrics of a specific market.


“C” is for controlling the neegotiation with the seller whether yo uaredealing with a broker, an individual owner, a large company or the actual brand that manages the property.


“T” is for timing the process of the full due diligence and getting the financing lined up to close.


“S” is for strategizing to manage the property directly, through a management company or through the large brand like a Hilton, a Marriott or a Holiday Inn, etc.

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Cherif Medawar, Real Estate Fund Manager, Author, Instructor and Investor is REVEALING his BRAND NEW program, the CRE DealPRO. This is a self-paced virtual class on how to invest in commercial deals & raise unlimited capital, a live deal analysis, a platform to get all of your questions answered by America’s most creative Deal Maker and a back office of


Cherif is ready to take you from surviving to thriving like a PRO.


Build a Foundation for Your Success in Commercial Real Estate investing.

We’re here to help every Deal Maker understand the ins & outs of commercial real estate investing through education, systems, formulas, collaboration and live deal analysis.


By joining the CRE DealPRO Network you will be informed about where the market is trending and how you can put deals under contract.

We’ll track uncertainty around retail business operations and where the OPPORTUNITY STANDS.


The CRE Trends:

One of the key factors driving CRE trends since the inception of the pandemic is the uncertainty surrounding which type of businesses will be able to withstand Covid-19 and how this ability drives the values of those assets. Businesses in strip malls, like coffee shops and hair salons previously immune from fluctuations in the economy are now at the peril of intermittent shutdowns. But businesses like quick service restaurants are thriving. – CM


Behavior of CRE market

As we’ve seen in past down cycles, there is a massive reallocation of capital for investment to commercial sectors deemed safer with cash flows that are perceived to be more durable. Look for pricing to tighten and competition to increase in multifamily, industrial, self-storage and medical sectors while loosening in retail, office and hospitality. – CM


The Right Foundation and Education

Cherif has been able to pivot quick & nimbly in 2020, and he will train you to think the same. First STEP is the foundation and education. In the course we will start with the definition, concept, and business model and then we apply the strategy. And then we will discuss capital reallocation and make sure your questions are answered so you are focusing on the right deals in 2021!



There are people telling you, ‘I’m going to make you rich’ and ‘I’ve got the solution’ and ‘I’ve got the answer,’ when they have never really done any deals themselves

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CRE DealPro Includes

Cherif’s COMMERCIAL RE Investing Quick Start Kit

  • CRE FACTS System for Success: A-Z Steps for Investing in CRE
  • What Every Investor Needs to Know About Controlling Apartments & Multi-units: Manage the Asset Not the Drama
  • The Power of Mixed-use Office Buildings: From Concept to Investment Reality NNN Opportunity with No Risk for Any Level Investor: Earn Passive Income in NNN Single Tenant Commercial
  • The CRE Network and Profit Guide: Transform Your Investment Strategy for 2021 with Cherif Medawar
  • Checklists and Reports
    • CRE 100 Checklist
    • Special Report: The Power of Investing in Apartments
    • A Checklist for Buying and Selling Apartments

Commercial RE & Deal Making Virtual Training Course (20-Hours of Training)

  • Learn the DCBA Formula for Investing
  • Learn the FACTS System
    • Properties and Tenants
    • Numbers and Market Trends
    • Negotiation and Contracts
    • Due diligence and Financing
    • Management and Increasing the NOI
  • Definitions
  • Syndication, JVs & Partnerships (How the SEC works)
  • Business Plan
  • Consumer Debt vs. Business Debt
  • Foundational CRE Concepts
  • Portfolio Income
  • Repositioning
  • Property Management
  • Seller Financing
  • Managing the Risk
  • Calculating CAP Rates
  • Negotiating with Sellers & Brokers
  • Asset Protection
  • Finding/Structuring
  • CRE Asset Types
    • Apartments & Multi-units
      • Small, Boutique Apartments
      • Condo Conversions
    • Single Tenant Retail
    • ALFs & Senior Living
    • Storage Facilities
    • Mobile Home Parks
    • Land Development
  • 1031 Exchange
  • Develop a Plan for Deal Flow

Resources, Checklists & Legal Documents (Samples)

Case Studies Checklist: Buying an Existing Business
Checklist: How to Raise Capital Checklist: How to Flip Real Estate
Closing Agreement Compliance Agreement
Demand Letter Promissory Note
Living Will Lease & Option
LOI Marketing Emails


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Secrets to Raise Unlimited Capital for your CRE Deals Training Course

  • Syndication
  •  DCBA
  • Syndicator’s Responsibilities
  •  Compliance
  •  Ethics
  • Creative Deal Making
  • Real Estate Funds
  • Crowdfunding
  • Partnerships
  • Joint Ventures
  • Soliciting Investors
  • Business Plan- The 5 P’s
  • The Pitch

Monthly LIVE Deal Analysis and QA with Cherif Medawar

(6-month membership)

  • For the FIRST TIME EVER – Cherif is committing to 6-months’ worth of LIVE ZOOM CALLS with the 1st 100 CRE DealPRO enrollees. He is committing the 2nd Saturday of each month to stay on the call as long as it takes to analyze your deals and answer your investing & financial questions.
  • On the 2nd Saturday of each month, the first 100 enrollees will receive a private Zoom link to participate in a LIVE CALL with Cherif. He will stay on the call as long as it takes to answer all of your questions. Un-heard of.
  • Cherif has never been a big “mentor” fan, period; however, he is very big on Deal Analysis! He’ll take questions from you on deals you are in the middle of and on the negotiations you are working through. He believes in training on REAL DEALS that he is working on or his student-investors are working on. Real Case Studies & Scenarios, not some pie in the sky dream deal.

 This Will Work For

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Single Tenant Retails

commercial property investment

Mixed Use Properties

Cherif is all about doing the deals. Most of his Educational Products are actual business models. The CRE DealPRO is the first course that gives you the education, the scenario to apply and the SUPPORT to get the answers you need


One Commercial Deal will Change Your Life in 2021.


Cherif’s CRE DealPRO will give you the creativity, the knowledge & the up-to-date trends and ANSWERS you need to MAKE BIG MONEY IN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE!


Success Oriented Team

Ready to Set You Up for Success


Expert Training

Videos and Live, In-Person Events


Technology & Resources

To Automate Your Business



To Navigate the Commercial Real Estate Industry

With Cherif Medawar and His CRE DealPRO, You get the following:

Can You See The Power In This?

  • Detailed strategy-based modules to learn at your own pace
  • Checklists
  • Business models to copy
  • Top resources to use daily in your investing business
  • Deal evaluation formulas
  • LIVE deal analysis with Cherif
  • Constant updates to our new commercial real estate environment
  • Access to Cherif for your investment questions
  • Find New Opportunities in 2021

Access up-to-date strategies so you can accurately analyze properties, find the data you need in your market including vacancy, rents, sale comps, tenants, and contact information of sellers & tenants, and START INVESTING IN CRE!

This course is simple and to the point

  • Cherif gives you the steps that anyone can use to build a life of financial independence. Full of real-world examples, insider tips, and tried-and-true advice from one of the most successful commercial investors accessible to you today!
  • This Comprehensive Course and Back Office Resources cover everything you need to know about profiting in commercial real estate―including financing, valuation, due diligence, leverage, equity, raising capital– and much more.
  • CRE DealPRO is valuable for beginners and experienced investors and agents who want to further their career. And is packed with fresh ideas, proven techniques working amid the global pandemic , and effective strategies for solving problems during negotiations all while making a profit.
  • CRE DealPRO gives you all the tools you need to understand what is happening in today’s commercial market, as we recover from the economic disasters of 2020. Start finding the properties and putting the deals together to amass your fortune today.

Learn to invest like a PRO. Invest like Cherif Medawar

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Who We Are?

Cherif Medawar Real Estate Investing presents to you CRE DealPRO. We are a training and investment company lead by a real estate fund manager who has developed a simple strategy that can be implemented on any type of asset investment. He applies his strategy to all types of asset and commercial real estate. He’s earned millions of dollars investing in single tenant retail and now he’s focusing on small boutique apartments.


Cherif Medawar has been teaching investors, just like you, for over 25 years. He wants to help you attain financial freedom in only 3-5 years. You must start now and learn the foundation of investing in CRE like a PRO.

What’s in it for You

Create lasting wealth through real estate

Join the tens of thousands of people achieving financial freedom through the power of commercial real estate investing. Would you like to pay your rent or mortgage for an entire year with just one real estate deal you can get under contract on a less than part-time basis? You will learn the proven strategy he used to build his own multi-million dollar business.

Find and Analyse

If you want to obtain the knowledge you need to FIND and properly ANALYZE CRE Deals in your market you need to take this course.

Become a CRE Expert

If you want to become an expert in putting CRE Deals together, CONTROLLING the deal and NEGOTIATING like a PRO with Sellers and Tenants you need to take this course.

Finding the Right tenants

If you want to put one deal under contract, FIND the right Tenant or Tenants and start earning residual income within 90 days you need to take this course.

  • One Deal Can Change Your Life with this course- BECOME A CRE DEALPRO Investor TODAY!

  • $$1,495/mo
  • $2999

    CRE DealPRO includes:

    • Cherif’s COMMERCIAL RE Investing Quick Start Kit
    • Commercial RE & Deal Making Virtual Training Course
    • Resources, Checklists & Legal Documents
    • Monthly LIVE Deal Analysis and QA with Cherif Medawar
    • BONUS! Secrets to Raise Unlimited Capital for your CRE Deals Training Course


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